Who is Primera Corp Inc.

Over 20+ Years of Experience

Primera Corp Inc is one of the leading pan-African traders of precious metals. With a focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability, Primera has established a wide network of partnerships and offtake agreements with small and medium scale miners. The company regularly exports gold dore bars to partner refineries in Dubai, UAE.


Primera Corp Inc. continues to pursue excellence and leadership in the complete, and transparent management of gold and diamond mineral value chain.


With experienced professionals on board possessing years of experience, we fulfill the expectations and needs of our customers and stakeholders by giving them a hassle-free experience.


We unlock the potential for the best gold mines and engage our on-ground team to streamline the operations with the suppliers and miners for your convenience.


Primera Corp Inc’s primary operations are in the United Republic of Tanzania. The country is Africa’s fourth largest exporter of gold and has transformed its mining sector since 2019 with the introduction of government authorized trading centers. Today Primera operates in six centers in Tanzania which are strategically positioned in the Lupa gold fields and Lake Victoria greenstone belt. Primera has established in-house testing and smelting facilities in each of its offices. All exports are managed by partner handling and security agents including but not limited to Brinks, G4S and Transguard.

Organisational Structure

The company operates with a satellite set up of 1 buyer, 1 accountant and 1 security agent for each of its trading offices. The company has a head quarter office in Dar es salaam, Tanzania with a central administration that manages the consolidated shipments from the satellite offices. Primera has a dedicated partner office in Dubai that manages the clearing and assaying of all its gold exports. The Dubai office also has a dedicated 24-7 dealing desk that is specialized in gold price hedging for Primera’s daily trading activities. 


Primera has set out to help transform the artisanal mining sector in Tanzania by promoting and supporting ethical mining. The company strictly sources its gold from mines and processing plants that have best practice governance in place. Our aim is to ensure both environmental and social welfare standards are adhered to and thus follow a stringent vetting process in onboarding partner mines that supply Primera gold dore bars.  Primera is also actively engaged in CSR with the aim of making a social impact in mining areas in Tanzania and beyond.