Gold Logistics Security

Primera Corp Inc ensures gold logistics security and transparency. All exports are managed by partner handling and gold security agents including but not limited to Brinks, G4S and Transguard.

Due Diligence

Our business and its operations are governed by the international policies, and the OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation & Development) as we practice responsible sourcing of gold and it’s extraction.

We hold the complete data and access through our comprehensive sourcing information on our participating suppliers and direct miners such as their; company profiles, capabilities, quality compliance and reputational risk issues associated with social, environmental and security programs along with a series of risk-based assessment tools, and audit solutions, that help us assess and benchmark our suppliers, and vendors. These assessments further facilitate us in measuring the business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security, and environmental sustainability.


We demonstrate enforcement of and compliance to international supply chain security standards where buyers of gold must continuously assess their supply chain to identify, mitigate, and eliminate potential security risks, and monitor product, shipping, and data security.

Primera Corp Inc takes pride in offering a unique consultancy opportunity to assist locally in Tanzania, East Africa. Our expert consultants reach out to you, carry out an extensive consultation, and assess the paperwork to validate the credibility of the product and the supplier for protection against fraudulent dealings.

Moreover, our monetization service on the smaller amount of Gold in the country can then be utilized to facilitate the payment of local taxes, and export costs for larger consignments shipped to our facilities in Dubai.

Gold Transport and Export

Due to the gold’s strength and stability in the global markets, its demand is ever-increasing in the export realm apart from it being a safer investment.

Primera Corp Inc. is one of the renowned and leading exporters to follow, and fulfil all the due diligent processes as well as all the international rules and regulations, governing the export of gold stringently across the world.

Furthermore, our prime location offers ultimate convenience to the gold importers around the globe to import, and trade through us, encouraging the transparent gold transport and exporting processes.